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DESC.: Nitrogen Generator & Inflator
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Product Introduction: Suit For: Car & Light Truck
Power Supply: 110/220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Nitrogen Generated: PSA Technology
Nitrogen Purity: 95~99%
Air Inlet Pressure: 9~10kg/cm2;130~145PSI
Air compressor required: 5.5~7.5kw,10kg/cm2, Exhaust volume:0.6~1.5M3/min,
N2 Output Capacity: 70~80L/Min;18.5-21Gallon/Min,2.5~2.8CFM
N2 Tank Capacity: 90L/24Gallon inside
Measure Unit: Bar & PSI
Max. Pressure for N2 Tank: 13.5KG/CM2
Sensor Precision: 1PSI
Operating Temperature: 0-50 C,0-122 F
Standard Accessories: Automatic hose-reel

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